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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Outpatient laparoscopic hysterectomy

With Dr Bornt, laparoscopic surgery is always outpatient. Laparoscopic hysterectomy is particularly ‘patient-friendly’ procedure. 

- You and your care giver will have a meeting with the Apple Hill Surgical Center nurses before your surgery to be sure you understand what will be happening the day of your surgery
-  The tiny incisions used with this type of surgery generally mean less pain,
- A  shorter, easier recovery
- And a return to normal activities in about half the time as an ‘open’ surgery.
- You’ll recover in the comfort of your own home with care of your loved ones.    
- You'll go home the same day of your surgery usually by 5:00 o'clock
- You will avoid the antibiotic resistant organisms that are often found in hospitals and    therefore have a lower infection rate..Infections are extremely rare compared to patients operated on in the hospital
-Visiting nurses come to your home to check your temperature pulse and respiration. They evaluate nausea and  vomiting, check your dressings to be sure they are dry, be sure that the IV is running correctly and that your catheter is draining.They draw a blood count to be sure there is no quiet bleeding. They usually arrive between 6 and 10 pm the day of surgery.
- The visiting nurses return the next morning to evaluate you again and usually take out the catheter and IV.
-You may drive as soon as you can move your feet like you are braking without discomfort.
-You may return to work whenever you like if you have the option of part time or being able to leave when you are tired. If you do heavy lifting or construction work you will discuss with Dr Bornt.

With more than two decades of experience with this technique you can trust Dr. Bornt’s expertise.

With any procedure we’re here for you with the understanding and comfort that really counts. And we’re sure you’ll agree with our many other patients who have had minimally invasive surgery at Apple Hill Surgical Center: It’s a positive experience that makes surgery far easier than most women would expect.

Patients come to us for minimally invasive surgery from in and around York, Dover, New Oxford, Red Lion and Shrewsbury. If you live beyond York County, you will stay in a local hotel so the visiting nurse can see you the night after surgery and the following morning. After that second visit you may return home.

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